The Art of Creating the Cover for Sylvia

As Randy worked on the cover for the Queen of Caelum I asked Samantha Borys if she would model for the cover of 2nd Children of the Myth Machine series, Sylvia.

Normally I would take the pictures but scheduling didn’t allow for that. So I explained to Sam what I was looking for and she took the picture herself.

Sylvia is transgenic meaning she has the genetics combination of two or more species. I envisioned her with rabbit ears and tree shaped pupils.

Just as he did with Queen of Caelum, Randy used crayon to colour the cover.

He sent me a number of eyes. I picked number 5.

You can see the ears change from human to rabbit and the tree branch eyes.

Randy also designed the cover.

Princess Sam holding a gun and wearing the Sylvia t-shirt while flanked by a Stormtrooper and Boba Fett at the 2016 Kitchener Comic Con

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